�Welcom to Ha Noi, Let's see Tony House hostel & cafe

There is a small world in the heart of West Lake filled with traditional features, dotted with the colors of Japanese culture and creative European looks.

There is a West Lake that trades with many different cultures from many countries around the world.

That place is called Tony House hostel & cafe - a romantic dating corner, a rare interesting place to escape from Ha Thanh. 

Tony House hostel & cafe is located on the romantic Ve Ho street. What impress visitors is that the exterior is just a compact 5-storey building, but inside is a treasure of discovery. The first floor is a cozy cafe space. Where all great ideas are drawn from Trung Nguyen coffee cups. The small space always exudes the aroma of that traditional coffee, awakening creativity and great ideas for guests staying here.

On busy weekends, Tony house cafe becomes an exchange space for many clubs: IT club, Japanese club, Hanoi running club,... People who share the same vision, common ideals, or simply having the same interests, passion to find each other, to experience "quality" time together. It is not simply to let yourself rest after a long week of work, but thereby create valuable communities. Together, we help, develop, together create good values for life… Up to now, Tony house has always been searching and discovering to develop more such meaningful communities.


On the 2nd floor of Tony House, in addition to the rest room, there is a gym of a Japanese man. From a thin, sick guy to a strong PT with the ideal body that many people want, he brings his own experience to inspire many visitors here. His clients always end their training sessions with a bright smile and the body transformations measured in numbers are the clearest proof of the effective and enjoyable hours spent with him. 

The 4th floor of Tony House is a spacious terrace with a full view of the West Lake. A large West Lake shrinks into one eye. In the early morning you can see the sunrise, late at night you can chill in the twinkling lights of the bustling city. A glass of Haiboru with wonderful scenery will bring a feeling of chill to 100%.

Tony House's rooms are designed in a minimalist style, spacious but extremely cozy. After a long tiring journey, lay your back on a soft mattress with a favorite movie, chill in the view of the "Billion Billion" West Lake. There is nothing more desirable than a trip.




There are guests who come once but decide to stick around for a long time, considering Tony House as a "go to return" house in the midst of bustling and busy Hanoi.

How many feelings, how many thoughts are hidden among the people who have visited Tony House.

There is no distance left….


In the middle of the expensive West Lake, with just a small amount of money, you can get indescribably wonderful experiences.

With Tony House, travel is not only relaxation but also a journey to find creative inspiration for work, for this beautiful colorful life.




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